"Bake Town Would Get Me Full Coverage..."

Waist High would like to give a heartfelt thanks to her readers for all the cards letters and flowers.

Waist High was admitted to the emergency room last week after discovering that not only is her Lovely Teenaged Daughter a full time reader of Waist High's archenemy Bake Town, but that the Lovely Teenaged Daughter
interviewed for Bake Town. Doctors are saying there will be a full recovery.

So now, to taunt Waist High even further, Lovely Teenaged Daughter has been using a very interesting tactic to try to get her way around the Waist High household.

"Bake Town would let me stay out all night..."
"Bake Town would not make me clean out the cat box..."

Lovely Teenaged Daughter, as you know, became a licensed driver on Tuesday and let's just say she is very eager to get insured (her only roadblock to driving alone). So the above index card, found on Waist High's nightstand, was Lovely Teenaged Daughter reminding Waist High to call Waist High's insurance agent Troy.