The Bitch Is Back.

From one of our great American cities. And take a look at the hateration that occurred while I was gone: (via that shrew Bake Town 3/10/06)

Todd and I went to the theatre tonight. We went to see Pageant at the Stars Theatre Restaurant. And this is my B.B.Q.& A. of our evening out...

Todd, you're a long time reader of Bake Town. How did you first get sucked into the sickness that has become B.T.?
Well...I found Waist High's blog first, by Googleing 'Bakersfield+Stop+Smoking' then I knew who Chrissy was from high school, then I saw the links to your blog and found it SO MUCH FUNNIER that I decided I liked it much better.

Really? And why did you find Bake Town more enjoyable than Waist High?
Because with Bake Town I don't have to re-live all the horrible 80's bands.

That's pretty harsh Todd, what's wrong with 80's bands and/or Waist High's obsessive compulsion to honor every miniscule milestone of 80's bands histories?
(Todd - folding over with laughter.)
Because most 80's bands sound gay and constipated.

Okay, Todd. We've established that you don't like Waist High and 80's gay bands...what is it that you do find appealing (if anything) about Waist High?
(Todd - doubling over with laughter.)
I never said I didn't like Waist High! I...I...I...enjoy all of her posts. And I do admire that she is stubbornly stuck in the 80's regardless of what anyone says.

Okay, change of topic (cuz I'm sick of talking about Waist High)...

Note to self: Bake Town must have forgot about all of those incriminating photos that I have of her. Dumb girl.

Photo courtesy of: the city's online newspaper