I Just Read The Funniest Damn Thing.

And it was on the internet, and it was written by my daughter, and it was found in a place we had both sort of forgotten about.

From Mar. 15, 2005:
"Waist High is going to Vegas
LTD is throwing a massive kegger
Just kidding.

Waist High said I need
To show that I'm responsible enough
To not do something irrational
(Like move one of her throw pillows).
There would be massive hysteria then.
If I don't show I'm able to be responsible
between now and when she leaves,
she said I will be 'sent to Holly Hobby Daycare.'
I explained to her that they don't let kids who can drive come to daycare..."

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My Lovely Teenaged Daughter, where she only refers to Bakersfield as a "hellhole" once.