For Once, Waist High Is Living In The Future.

In a sick and twisted conversation with Waist High Special Correspondent "Tri-Tip" earlier this morning, the chat turned to The Reunion. It was HIM, not I that brought up the thought that The Reunion is going to be during a time of the year in Bakersfield when it is bloody hot. No chance to dress up and look nice, cause, well, it's bloody hot.

Waist High suggested that with her pull, maybe she could recommend that The Reunion be held in a cooler month. After a bit more screaming, we both began to laugh hysterically as we reminded ourselves, and as Waist High has chronicled thoroughly, Waist High really doesn't have
any pull.

"Tri-Tip": "I am showing up in a Speedo. And tennis shoes. I'm wearing my Johnny Cash t-shirt. That's it. They can go to Hell."

Photo courtesy: ohmystars.net