We've Got Quotes Coming Out The Yin Yang.

We've got:
"I thought you were about 43."

We've got:
"What did you say? You said you had a bag of vibrators?"

We've got this one:
"Hot damn. So I looked at that image, and thought 'I gotta send that to Chrissy!', and then I realized it was on your site."
(Referencing the below 'get loaded' photograph)

We've also got:
"Don't make me play the tampon card!"

What about:
"Stop calling them Echo and the Funnymen!"

We've got:
"That's your car? That's an old person's car."

Or this:
"You should go back to the kitchen where women belong."

We've also got:
"No. Worse. She's from Bakersfield."

We've got straight out of the mouth of the CPR trainer this week:
"Make sure you always owe someone money."

What about:
"Who the fuck knows why Yoko Ono hated her."

Here's one:
"Some of the best pot is grown in Oregon. So shut it."

But the quote of the week has to go to an elderly Waist High relative who, when asked by Waist High what she had been up to since the last time they spoke, said: "Oh. Not much. Killing spiders."