Gottschalks? On The Committee. Brocks? Not On The Committee.

From the Waist High vault comes the following transcript of Bake Town's interview of Waist High. This, before Bake Town got all famous and shit.

1. How does it feel to be the No. 2 Bakersfield blogger?
Do you enjoy badgering me BakeTown? Didn't I teach you everything you know? You may be the No. 1 Bakersfield Blogger, but I was the first. I am the O.G. You are Gottschalks, I am Brocks.

2. Why don't you write about where you live? Does it suck that bad?
The standard for "Blogging" is much higher here than it is for the Bakersfield community.

3. How in the hell do you know the birthday of every single 80's rocker?
Richard Blade speaks to me through my espresso maker.

4. Why do you think you developed OCD over West High?
Wouldn't you if you were in possession of the only copy of the poem "West High In Less Than An Hour"

The school's all green
The teachers are mean
They don't even keep the bathrooms clean

The freshmen look funny
The principal is a dummy
Mr. _______'s so old, he's almost a mummy

Mr. _______ is a ____
____ __________ makes me sick
When Chrissy lights up
_____ flicks her bic

5. What is your favorite thing to do when you visit Bakersfield? (Besides get drunk and going to Mexicali.)
I have been taking walks on the same route since 1988. I did it to loosen up my baby box when I was pregnant with My (Now) Lovely Teenaged Daughter. (More than getting drunk), it is what I look forward to the most. It begins in Westwood Estates, winds back through eastern Amberton then through Kern City, past Sundale Golf Club and then back down through Westwood. Most peaceful thing ever. Although sitting in the West High bleachers is a close second.

6. Do your friends in Oregon think you're as strange as your friends from Bakersfield do?
I don't have any friends in Oregon.

7. What is your fondest memory of your time in Bakersfield?
You really have to ask?

8. What do you miss most about Bakersfield after you haven't visited in a long time? (Besides getting drunk and going to Mexicali.)
The sun.

9. What is your reaction when you hear someone talking crap about Bakersfield?
I scare them with my crazy face. I cross my eyes. I tell them to move away because I know Judo. 

10. Oh, Keeper of the Sacred High School Memorabilia - When are we going to have our 1st blogger convention?
When I start getting some respect up in here.

(Keep in mind that Bake Town is now on the West High School Class of 1986 20 Year Reunion Committee. Keep in mind that they went ahead and forgot to invite Waist High to be on that committee. Keep in mind that Waist High is the owner of the world's largest West High School photo and memorabilia collection. Keep in mind that THIS WEBSITE WAS NAMED AFTER WEST HIGH SCHOOL.)

Photo courtesy of: The Waist High Collection