"The Bag's Will Take Over!"

Well, your favorite sour puss is back from a 9 day vacation not to be forgotten any time soon. Two days at The Venetian in Las Vegas, a very high speed drive across the Mojave Desert, some good hang time with my pal Bake Town which included dinner at Mexicali, some nice but brief time with family, and the obligatory slithering around of the campus of West High School.

I met some of Bake Town's friends and they are quite fabulous. Last Sunday I enjoyed a get together party at her house and had one of the tastiest suppers in recent memory. Prepared by Bake Town herself. She is a damn fine cook. It was during this meal that Bake Town schooled us on the advantages of (and the disadvantages of not) recycling. The above title of this post refers to a quote from her angry tirade on what happens if you do not reuse grocery bags.

To my loyal readers, I continue to thank you for remaining loyal even when there has been extended periods of no new posting. My promise to you is that I will resume entertaining you as soon as possible. Just as soon as my sinuses recover from the dust.