The Spirit Of Talk Talk.

A website has been set up to gauge interest in a book that will celebrate the art and music of Talk Talk.

The Spirit of Talk Talk will feature all of the iconic artwork by award winning author and illustrator James Marsh who has chronicled all of pieces that he produced for the band during their time together from 1981-1991.

The main essay of The Spirit of Talk Talk, which is set to be published in the spring of 2012, will be written by rock writer and huge Talk Talk fan Chris Roberts and will include 80 more contributions all from those who have been influenced by the art and music of the band including Alan Wilder, Guy Garvey, and Richard Wright.

Soon to be the "definitive visual companion to the Talk Talk legend," The Spirit of Talk Talk
will contain:

A cloth cover featuring one of James Marsh’s artworks
High quality heavyweight art paper
Hand written lyrics from Mark Hollis
Full color throughout
Roll of Honour listing the names of readers who pre-order the book
Original cover concept sketches
Unseen photos of the band from 3 sessions with photographer Richard Haughton.

The projected price of The Spirit of Talk Talk is £40 ($62). To register your interest go here.

Photo: spiritoftalktalk.com