"God Save The Queen" - Original A&M Issue - On Sale For $15,500.

"Withdrawn after the label released the band from their contract due to their bad behaviour and subsequent negative publicity surrounding all things 'punk' at the time," a rare unplayed copy of the Sex Pistols classic "God Save the Queen" is for sale online and is said to be in mint condition; obtained from an "ex-industry source with impeccable credentials." 

The high price of this 34 year-old record results from all the other copies being destroyed when A&M Records terminated the band's contract before its release. 

"God Save the Queen," released May 27, 1977, was the band's second single from their only album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols and when it was first released it went to #2 on the official UK Singles Chart (used by the BBC) and #1 on the unofficial NME singles chart. 

Suspicion continues to exist that authorities manipulated the charts to keep the song out of the #1 spot as 1977 was the Queen's Silver Jubilee and the song clearly "desecrated the Sovereign." John Lydon says however that the song had never been anti-monarchy

Photo: 991.com