Shaun Ryder To Hunt UFOs For New TV Show.

According to NME Shaun Ryder has a new gig as a UFO-hunter for The History Channel. 

The eight-part show Shaun Ryder On UFOs begins in Ryder's hometown of Salford, Manchester, where at 15 years old he claims he saw a UFO. The Black Grape and Happy Mondays frontman believes that the northern city, "has a wormhole which acts as a 'shortcut through space and time.'" 

Ryder told The Sun, "Once they see you they keep an eye on you." 

Says Ryder, "A lot of people would say, 'Why would extraterrestrials from an advanced civilisation come to Salford?' Well, there's quite a lot you can learn about humanity in Salford."

Shaun Ryder On UFOs is currently in production and will premiere on The History Channel in 2012. 

Photo: Andy Willsher via NME 
Quotes: NME & Female First