Paul Weller Says He Hopes To Never Be "Skint" Enough To Re-Form The Jam.

Speaking with ShortList, Paul Weller said that some recently reformed bands have been motivated only by the mighty dollar, something he said he would never be tempted by, "Money talks, doesn't it? Simple as that." 

Responding to the news that the recently reformed Stone Roses would make upwards of £10 million from their reunion shows next summer, and an additional £1 million for each of their festival appearances, Weller said, "Hopefully I'll never be that skint, mate. I mean, I don't know the Roses that well, apart from Mani who's a good mate. There'll be a financial consideration, obviously, but I know from [Mani's] point of view that he's been mad to do it for years. He's actually really wanted to get back with his mates and he loved that band. But for Ian [Brown] and John [Squire], I don't know...I really don't think there's too much love lost there. We live in that age, though, don't we? It's either bands reforming, bands playing their classic album or tribute bands."

When asked if he would do a "classic album" gig, Weller's response was, "Nah. I'm going to go out and play a classic album next year, but it'll be my f*cking new one. Not one from 20 years ago."

53-year-old Paul Weller and wife Hannah Andrews are expecting twins next year, he has five other children from previous relationships.

Photo: NME