Singing Until Sunrise - A Project By Debora Iyall.

Debora Iyall has started a Kickstarter project to release a 12" vinyl EP Singing Until Sunrise which will include live versions of "Wait Out the Storm" and "99" from Stay Strong, a surprise track, and a newly recorded version of the great "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)," a song we have never hidden our love for.

Debora says the new "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)" begins with "a different feel and lands on a new third verse I’ve added to expand my message of encouragement from across my added years of life experience."

The decision to make a colored vinyl release comes from the wishes and hopes of a lot of fans I've heard from these past years, and the desire I have to put out a truly quality recording that can also be collected and prized for my original artwork.

The first 500 pressings of Singing Until Sunrise will be numbered and autographed and pledges of $5 or more will receive Debora's eternal gratitude, $25 or more will receive a glossy autographed Singing Until Sunrise poster and a free download, $75 or more will receive a first pressing of Singing Until Sunrise, a newly designed "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)" t-shirt, a vinyl 12" EP with a download card and a personal phone call from Debora, and pledges of $500 or more will receive dinner for two with Debora at one of her favorite cafes (within 120 miles of Sacramento, California) and much, much more.

Please support a great artist and back Debora Iyall's 12" Vinyl EP project Singing Until Sunrise and help to bring this extraordinary music to more people!

Photo: Debora Iyall