Peter Hook Vows To "Fuck New Order Over In Any Possible Way I Can."

Calling them "dickheads," Peter Hook has promised that he will "fuck over" his former New Order bandmates in "any possible way" he can.

Hook has reacted to Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner announcing that they will play two benefit shows in October (with Gillian Gilbert returning) to help to pay medical expenses for friend and filmmaker Michael Shamberg.

Hook, who is currently on tour with his band The Light, says that he believes the band's statement that the gigs are one-offs for charity are false, "Yeah. It's all bollocks. They're already hawking for an American tour; me mate told me yesterday. They're hiding behind the charity gig."

Commenting about playing Joy Division songs with The Light, "and thus, in the eyes of his former bandmates and some fans, dishonoring Ian Curtis' legacy," Hook said, "You do it to gauge reaction, and it's like picking a sore, isn't it? You always want to do it. I have a different attitude towards it now, because it actually scared off a lot of the people I wanted to work with, which made me all the more determined. It's the same thing with New Order deciding to tour without me -- [it] makes me all the more determined to fuck New Order over in any possible way I can. If they think I'm just going to scuttle off to a cabin in the woods, they've got another thing coming. They're dickheads. People go and hide, but I don't. I'm a fighter. I'm going to come out fighting."

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