Some Depeche Mode Fans A Little Poorer This Week.

By all accounts COLLECTED - The Alan Wilder/Depeche Mode Collection auction was a complete success! More than 400 historic items went up for sale in Manchester over the weekend as Alan Wilder sold a large selection of his music equipment and memorabilia at an auction at the Zion Arts Centre.

From Recoil: Many items were very collectable and held special value having been used extensively in the recording sessions for classic Depeche Mode & Recoil albums, as well as live performances on the Black Celebration, Music For The Masses, World Violation and Devotional tours. Focusing mainly on the years between 1982 & 1995, this was one of the most exciting career sales ever to hit the public domain.

There were around 150 people in the room in Manchester, and 600 registered online from countries across the globe, all bidding for the 422 lots of which 98% were sold. 87% of the items were won by internet bidders.

For a detailed report of the two days in Manchester, read Sideline’s report here and for the complete list of final prices paid for items go here.

Photo: Recoil