Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

To celebrate, the band has released a 7 1/2 minute Night Version of "Other People's Lives" from their latest album All You Need Is Now.

Duran Duran has long titled extended dance remixes of their songs "Night Versions" simply because they were intended to be played in "Nightclubs." Night Versions are longer with more "instrumental breaks."

On behalf of the Firm, in honour of DD Appreciation Day, I am excited to offer our friends this free download of the Night Version of "Other Peoples Lives." "OPL" is one of the songs I enjoy most off the latest album, and one I have been looking forward to making an extended dance version of since it was first recorded. This version was cut, edited and extended at our London studio in June '11 with engineer Josh at the controls. Mark Ronson thought it was about time we had a Night Version again so here it is. We hope you’ll get a kick out of it. With love + thanks for your continued support. Enjoy! - John Taylor