Electronically Yours.

German breakbeat experimentalists Nude have covered The Human League's 1978 classic "Being Boiled," which will appear on their forthcoming second album Basic Guerrilla Moves

Set to be released in October, Basic Guerrilla Moves will also feature the band's cover of Heaven 17's "Let Me Go." 

According to a press release "Let Me Go" was released digitally in Europe on Monday and four different mixes are now available via several sites including iTunes. 

"Being Boiled" did not chart on its first release in 1978 but went to #6 when it was re-released in 1982. "Being Boiled" was composed by Ian Craig Marsh, Martyn Ware, and Phil Oakey, and is notable for being one of the first singles to feature only electronic instruments. The original sleeve of "Being Boiled" bared the words "Electronically Yours." 

"Originally formed in 2007 and based in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany, Nude’s musical roots is steeped in various genres including Breakbeat, BigBeat, ElectroPunk and Drum N Bass. In the tradition of Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Faithless and the Prodigy, Nude entertains their fans with addictive dance music, adrenalin beats, hooks and melodies." 

Watch the Nude video for "Being Boiled" here. 

Photo: Nude Official 
Quoted material: Noble PR