Happy 50th Birthday To The Ever Gorgeous John Taylor.

A birthday message from John: 


Thank you all so much for so many wonderful and touching birthday wishes. I have never felt so grateful as I have today to be who I am, a proud member of the human race (dues paid) and a member of Duran Duran (ditto.) 

It has been an extraordinary year in so many ways, darkness and light in (almost) equal measure, but it has all been good, in its way, made so because of the amazing friends + family I have. Oh yes, and the other ‘f’s… You, the fans, for so many years- giving me permission to be myself (still no day job!) 

I am VERY excited about our new album, but more about that soon come… In the meantime, have a great June 20, and remember, ‘All You Need is NOW’!!…
-JT x 

Photo: E4