Warren Cuccurullo Debuts New Project.

Best known to the Waist High staff as founding member of Missing Persons, the great Warren Cuccurullo debuted his brand new pop project Chicanery this week, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Neil Carlill

Also known for his work with Frank Zappa, and his 15 year membership in Duran Duran, Cuccurullo says that he met Neil "long ago, in 1999, in my London studio - Nick Rhodes and I were looking for a singer for TV Mania and we chose Neil after hearing him and his group in a video." 
Chicanery is signed to dPulse Recordings and have just released their self-titled debut album Chicanery which features long-time Cuccurullo collaborator and Missing Persons band mate Terry Bozzio, and Frank Zappa alumni Joe Travers. 

From Chicanery Official Facebook: Fusing rich sound scapes shaped by Warren's legendary tune craft - densely woven around Neil's 'tone poet' vocals and lyrics - Chicanery is both a revival and a dream of a modern day band. It presents challenging, virtuoso musicianship and a daring-but-precise approach that transforms the collection of songs into an art form of its own. The musical terrain covers Zappa, Bowie, Dance, Club and alternative rock. It's a surreal and a psychotic vision of pop music. 

Warren Cuccurullo has "the distinction of writing the first single to be available for digital purchase/download on the Internet ('Electric Barbarella' by Duran Duran)," and during his long career has worked with Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Ravi Shankar, and Dweezil Zappa. 

Photo: Tim Mahoney via chicanerymusic.com