Peter Hook Says He's Going To Celebrate Ian Curtis Because No One Else Will.

From guardian.co.uk: In the newly converted rehearsal studio behind his Alderley Edge home, Peter Hook is sifting through his personal collection of Joy Division memorabilia, including his first ever bass, bought the day after he saw the Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, his ticket for said gig, and the itinerary for the first Joy Division US tour. The latter never happened, because on the eve of the dates, singer Ian Curtis killed himself. Hook, the band's bassist, is musing on his decision to commemorate Curtis's life by playing Joy Division's debut, Unknown Pleasures, live, on the 30th anniversary of his death, at Hook's new club, Factory. "There's a nervousness because of what you're dealing with…a nervousness about whether you're doing the right thing." 

Part of the reason behind the decision is his annoyance that Curtis hasn't been officially commemorated, exacerbated when a proposed exhibition in his hometown of Macclesfield fell through due to lack of funding. "I'm sick of people saying they're going to celebrate Ian and it falling through, so I thought, 'Fuck it, I'll do it…'" 

After the death of Curtis, Joy Division became New Order. Hook left New Order in 2007, and doesn't think the gig would happen if he was still with the band. "[Vocalist] Barney's big thing was, 'It's not about the past, it's about the future.'" 

Hook will perform vocal duties on the night, backed by his band the Light (who include his son Jack). Proceeds will be donated to two charities, Mind and the Keith Bennett Appeal [Bennett was a victim of the Moors murderers and funding is needed to continue the search for his and others' remains]. Factory will also host an exhibition of Joy Division memorabilia from 16-19 May. Has Hook had any feedback from Curtis's family? 

"I heard that Natalie [his daughter] didn't want people to celebrate on the anniversary of his death. But, to my knowledge, his family aren't doing anything. When I left New Order, we split into two camps, and they're in the other one." 

And, presumably, he's had no word from his ex-bandmates, Barney Sumner and Stephen Morris? 

"No, nothing at all. But Barney plays them in his set anyway, so he's doing it every night, I suppose, isn't he? I'm just doing it once. So I guess that's your answer." 

The Light play Unknown Pleasures at The Factory, Manchester on May 18-19. 

Photo: Christopher Thomond via guardian.co.uk