It's Paul Weller Week At Q.

From Qthemusic.com: Since the early incendiary days of the Jam, through to his incorporation of soul, r'n'b and jazz styles into his music with The Style Council and a hugely successful solo career, penning sensitive ballads and forthright "tunes" that mix and recall many of his previous musical incarnations, whilst further pushing his musical boundaries, he's been one of the leading lights of British music scene. 

Responsible for tracks such as "A Town Called Malice," "Going Underground," "Shout To The Top," "Wild Wood," "The Changingman," "You Do Something To Me," and inspiring and influencing many from his and subsequent generations, not least of all a couple of Gallagher's from Manchester. 

As his tenth solo album is released this week, he'll be picking our Track of the Days from tomorrow, ever the musical chameleon, all we'll say is they're not necessarily what you might predict... later in the week we'll have a freshly chosen Spotify playlist of his "Late 60's Luvlies," hand-picked by the man himself. 

Plus we'll have an exclusive new interview with him about his tenth solo album, Wake Up The Nation, which is an invective take on the current state of society, politics and the effects of technology as well as containing the heartfelt and sensitive love songs that display both sides of the man. 

Expect to read about the making the album, the re-kindling of his friendship and subsequent recording with Bruce Foxton of the Jam (he's on two tracks on the new album), his views on reality TV/talent shows, politics and the monarchy, the demise of Oasis and a touching tribute to his late father and manager, John Weller. Not to mention where he thinks he's going next musically, well, he's not one for sitting still is he? 

We hope you'll enjoy the week as much as we've enjoyed the man's new record (Full review in Q Magazine Q286, the current issue with Liam Gallagher on the slipcase). First things first, to kick it all off, our Track of the Day for today is "Wake Up The Nation," the title track and single from his new album...enjoy!