Peter Hook To Honor Ian Curtis.

With the upcoming 30 year anniversary of the passing of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis on May 18, former bandmate Peter Hook has organized a special concert to honor the icon. 

From the Macclesfield Express: A showcase of tracks by Joy Division and New Order, the hugely exciting show will include a never-released song, penned by Macclesfield-born Curtis. Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Hooky says he's planning to remember the 30th anniversary of Curtis's death with a Joy Division set, including the recently finished track "Pictures," at his new club FAC251 

Peter said: "Everyone's talking about what they're going to do and I think I'm going to be playing some Joy Division songs to celebrate Ian's life on May 18. I mean, we're never going to do it together again, but it just seems right. Especially to do it at the Factory, there's a definite need to celebrate one of the most momentous days of your life." 

Hooky first performed "Pictures" at the launch of the Factory club with a group of musicians playing as The Light. 

He says: "Some kid brought 'Pictures' to my attention on a tape as a little snippet of a jam with Ian Curtis. I was playing on it but it was unfinished. Ian always used to say that once you start a song you should finish it, that really stuck with me and I didn't know how this one fell through the net. We finished 'Pictures' and it was a real joy to play because you were playing the old stuff but at the same time, we'd discovered something totally new. I don't normally sing so it was a bit weird at first." 

Joy Division ended in 1980 following the suicide of their iconic singer, but the three remaining members continued on as New Order until a messy split in 2007. 

Hooky has gone on to a new musical project, Freebass, with ex-Stone Roses star Mani - and last month launched new nightclub The Factory on the site of the former Factory Records offices on Princess Street. 

He says the club has been jam-packed since it opened last month - and he puts the success down to timeless tracks that sing to the new generation. 

He said: "For all us old timers it's nice to bring a bit of our music back. The club's been full since it opened and in a weird way it's like the younger generation have been waiting for it, but it's something we never expected. I did some Joy Division stuff and the young kids were saying how great it was - people our age like me and Mani shouldn't be appealing to young kids but great music is timeless." 

Photo: Martin O'Neill/Retna Pictures via nytimes.com