The Face - The Very Best Of Visage.

Celebrating 30 years since the release of Visage's most successful song, the Waist High favorite "Fade To Grey," The Face - The Very Best of Visage is now available in the UK and will be available in the US March 30 from Universal. 

Visage, one of "pop's great vanity projects," evolved from the London clubs Billy's and the Blitz and are widely considered to be the pioneers of the New Romantic movement. 

Tracklist for The Face - The Very Best of Visage 
1."Fade to Grey" (Michael Gray remix 2009) 
2."Mind of a Toy" (12" version) 
3."We Move" (remix) 
5."Fade to Grey" 
6."In the Year 2525" 
7."The Anvil" 
8."Night Train" (Edited LP Mix) 
9."The Damned Don't Cry" (LP Mix) 
10."Love Glove" (7" single version) 
11."Pleasure Boys" 
12."Visage" (12" version) 
13."Fade to Grey" (12" version) 
14."Der Amboss" (German language version of "The Anvil") 
15."Fade to Grey" (Lee Mortimer remix 2009)