Spandau Ballet Confirms They Will Reunite!

30 years after they first played together, Waist High favorite Spandau Ballet are set to reform. Tony Hadley, John Keeble, Steve Norman, and Martin and Gary Kemp, "will perform together on board HMS Belfast, the venue on the River Thames where they first played in 1979."

Their manager Steve Dagger told the Sunday Express, "It's true," but also added, "We're not making announcements yet, but yes, basically the boys are back in town."

Dagger, the band's long-time manager said that the reunion is, "not just a nostalgic re-run of the old, but a fresh slant on what Spandau Ballet are all about."

The band members' relations have, "been strained since 1999 when Hadley, Norman and Keeble sued Gary Kemp, claiming he owed them royalties."

Gary Kemp, 49, "single-handedly crafted all the songs and was the sole credited songwriter on the albums. But it was Gary who first suggested their reformation, originally hoping the band was (to) be back together in time for Live 8 in 2005."

Says the band's former boss at Chrysalis Records, Roy Eldridge, "Every band on the way down is a band on the way up. But I never thought I'd see this one."

Lead singer Tony Hadley is said to be dieting and working with a personal trainer to slim down for the tour. According to The Sun, Hadley wants to "lose three stone."

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