Stay True To Waist High.

4.5 years after coming into the blogosphere with this post, Waist High remains one of only a handful of New Wave Music Bloggers in the world, and can now officially declare herself an international sensation. She continues to be loved, and she continues to be hated.

If you have been a reader since the beginning, you already know why Waist High is hated. If you have not been around since the beginning, the simple explanation is that ALOT of people across the globe do not believe that music created by machines is "music." Well, that, and because she is a
"cheap broad who grunts."

As the recently unearthed document above shows, Waist High really was telling the truth 4.5 years ago when she jokingly told you that she was, "one of the biggest losers to ever attend West High School," which just goes to show that she has always been true to her readers, and if you have followed the posts over the years, also goes to show that she
continues to stay true to that pronouncement as she inches onward towards her 41st year on earth.

Stay true to Waist High and come with her over to the brand new
waisthigh.net, where she will: continue to bring you everything you need to know about the music that was, "rewritten by machine and new technology," continue to be cheap, continue to grunt.

Photo: The Waist High Collection
Quote: Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn, & Bruce Woolley