Happy 25th Birthday Pelican West.

Of Haircut 100's debut album, thefirstpost.co.uk says:

"The 1980's produced lots of radically different bands that today get lumped into one single genre - 'the 80s.' Yet no one sounded like Haircut 100 then, and nobody comes close now. It's a fantastically daft album, with (lead singer) Nick Heyward summoning up a sunny suburban world of indecipherable nicknames and slang where the only item on the news agenda is boy meets girl, girl smiles. The music is light and funky, peppered with excellent saxophone breaks, choppy guitar and Heyward's occasional yelps."

"The album gave you a lot of what it was to be a New Wave fan. It came during an innocent time, and musically, the best time ever."

Haircut 100 reunited in 2004 for an episode of VH1's Bands Reunited.

Quote: Lou via amazon.com via chrissyfessler.blogspot.com