Spandex Ballet.

While the original feature of this post was to highlight the brilliance of Zoe over at My Boyfriend Is A Twat, as illustrated by the following from Mar. 28, 2007:

The Twat's Quote of the Day
[This man is on a roll these days. I wonder what he's on ?]
"Oooo, yes, I must look out for a Dangermouse DVD on Ebay."
"No, Quarsan, you can't. It's stupid."
"What's stupid about it, he's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger, he'll be there."
"It's still stupid - what's so great about a cartoon mouse dressed in spandex ?"
"It's not stupid - he even does a little dance before he goes off."
"A 'little dance' ? A spandex-clad mouse dancing and then saving the world ? Rubbish."
"Well it was the 80s, and besides, haven't you ever heard of Spandex Ballet ?"
[I actually spat out my mouthful of Coke at this one.]

please excuse me while I am distracted by the
SPANDAU BALLET HALLOWEEN COSTUME I found while searching for a photo for this post.