New Order have split

In an interview with Xfm on May 4, New Order bass player Peter Hook confirmed that legendary Manchester band New Order have split up. And this time it's definitely for good.

Xfm Manchester DJ Clint Boon, called up Hooky to speak to the bassist about the part he's played in a new project from Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, Satellite Party.

"When someone phoned me up and told me that I was on Perry Farrell's record, I thought bloody hell my drinking must be bad, I don't remember meeting Perry Farrell, and I don't remember the session. It is definitely me, and I did get to the bottom of it eventually.

"When I did a session with Hybrid [Welsh techno wizards] which was about two years ago I did a couple of tracks at the end, jammed on a couple of track that they said they were going to use for their next songs.

"After that they lost their record company, decamped to America, and somehow bumped into Perry Farrell surfing in Santa Monica - as you do when you're Welsh techno wizards. Perry Farrell was in the doldrums and they teamed up and started working together in the studio. Perry heard the outtakes and felt immediately inspired and knocked off two tracks that I don't; even know existed."

However, during the phone call, conversation turned to the future of New Order, and Hook let spill news of New Order's split. Saying, "I spoke to Perry, and he'd heard about New Order splitting up and he asked me to play bass. Well yeah, me and Bernard [Sumner - New Order singer] aren't working together."

When asked if the spilt was permanent (the band have had breaks in the past) Hooky explained, "Bernard went off for a break with Electronic [his side-project band with Johnny Marr] but that was different. But it's like the boy who cried wolf this time."

Photo: keyboardmag.com
Material: xfm.co.uk