There Is Only One Place On Earth Where You Will Find The Combination Of Words Tea+Bag+Fairy.

and that of course would be the Waist High hate mail bag.

Make sure you are familiar with the 'real' definition of
teabagging before enjoying the goodness that is Willie's mail to Waist High, the man. No wait. Waist High, the woman.

Willie's mail #1:

"I'm in complete wonderment that a dumb ass REDneck GED country Mother FUCKer like you could even spell FUCK correctly in so many instances. Aren't spell checkers GREAT? Obviously you need to stay the FUCK out of Starbucks because that caffeine has really FUCKed up your beaner. Just why in the FUCK would you even consider going to a movie having words well over four-FUCKing letters long? If you blame Starbuck's for craming this FUCKing shit down your throat then you got to get back to the real world, open your eyes and look at that FUCKing faggot's tea-bags lying on your chin, it's not Starbuck's; it's the FUCKing tea-bag fairy. So Shut the FUCK up and keep sucking until your FUCKing throat goes numb. Oh, and stay the FUCK out of the movies!!! But then again if you have the FUCKing time go and see Scarface there's a lot of FUCKing cussin' in that motherFUCKer...You'll get it."

Willie's mail #2:

"Messed up big time, Waist High! I just read and then noticed that you are a woman. I wish that I could pull that response back but I you know that that isn't possible. Please forgive my offense. Please, do forgive me Waist High. Thanks/Willie"