Old Grandad Strikes Again.

38 year old Waist High, who lived in Southern California for 25 years and never set foot inside the Hollywood Bowl, finally gets wish to attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl? Check.

Tickets to said concert at Hollywood Bowl paid for by someone else? Check.

Hollywood Bowl concert probably a really relaxing way to unwind from/process the fact that you just attended your 20 year high school reunion two days prior? Check .

People that have just attended their 20 year reunions are, how do you say it? Not young anymore? Check.

Another bitchin reference to Old Grand Dad Bourbon? Check:

"You have mentioned in the past Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Well, it so happens that they are playing under the Harvest moon on July 31st at the Hollywood Bowl. What do you think? I think that would be a fabulous way to kick off the week after the reunion. NO. This concert is NOT sponsored by Old Grand Dad."