Happy Birthday Mick Jones.

Before helping to start up The Clash, Jones was in the legendary proto-punk band London SS, who only recorded one demo and never played a gig.

After London SS dissolved, and after trying to form many new bands, Jones began working with Paul Simonon, and helped teach him how to play the bass guitar. They soon found Joe Strummer, Keith Levene, and a drummer named Terry Chimes, who was later replaced by Topper Headon, and began to call themselves "The Clash."

Jones played lead guitar, sang and co-wrote with Strummer from the band's inception until he was fired by Strummer and Simonon in 1983. He played on 5 of the bands' 6 albums and produced the original version of the Combat Rock album, which was scrapped and later bootlegged under the name Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg.

After his expulsion from The Clash, Jones was a founding member of General Public. However, by the time that band's debut album appeared, Jones was no longer an official band member, although he did play guitar on many of the album's tracks.

Leaving General Public behind, he formed Big Audio Dynamite in 1984 with film director Don Letts who directed various Clash videos and later, the Clash documentary Westway To The World. The band's debut album, This Is Big Audio Dynamite, was released the following year.

For Big Audio Dynamite's second record, Mick Jones reunited with Joe Strummer. Together, the two wrote several songs, with Strummer co-producing the album.

Big Audio Dynamite's third album, Tighten Up, Vol.88 features cover art painted by ex-Clash bassist Paul Simonon.

Mick released one more album with Big Audio Dynamite before reshuffling the line-up and renaming the band Big Audio Dynamite II. This new line-up became popular in the US, and the songs "Rush" and "The Globe" were moderate hits. The band was later renamed Big Audio in the mid 90's.

In 2005 Mick teamed up with former London SS, Generation X, and Sigue Sigue Sputnik member Tony James to form Carbon/Silicon.

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