Happy 45th Birthday Nick Heyward.

Born in Beckenham, Kent, England in 1961, Nick was the lead man for Haircut 100 for only one album, Pelican West. Pelican West delivered beloved Waist High favorites "Love Plus One," and "Favorite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)." Both songs reached the UK top 10 in 1982. "The album gave you a lot of what it was to be a New Wave fan. It came during an innocent time, and musically, the best time ever." (Lou via amazon.com)

Nick left the band for a solo career at the end of 1982, and his debut solo album North of a Miracle, which included "Whistle Down the Wind," was released in 1983.

According to icebergradio.com, it was "a solid effort that won critical approval and sold well."

"In 2004, all of the group's ex-members reunited for an episode of VH1's Bands Reunited series. The group has seriously discussed the idea of reuniting to record a new album, with Heyward being quoted as saying, 'We're all older and have commitments but wouldn't it be good to dedicate two weeks of our lives to creating a follow-up to Pelican West. It would have that magic because nobody as a player has gone off the boil.'"

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