Regarding Bake Town's Post "Talking Street."

Where she said about the infamous "Flicker" Street in Bakersfield California (which with the constant flick of a white pen ALWAYS said "Fucker" Street):

"KLLY 95 is asking people to call in and share what they think is the WORST street name in Bakersfield. One of the DJ's suggested that Flicker is the worst. I can't imagine why. I can honestly say that in the thirty years I have been going to Flo's house off Flicker I NEVER ONCE thought about it being dirty until Waist High brought it up. Proving once and for all what a potty mouthed, gutter minded, trash talker Waist High is."

Waist High would like to "Talk Street" with Bake Town by presenting to her the street that Waist High's place of employment is on. No trash talking necessary. Beautiful.

Photo of the actual street that Waist High's place of employment is on courtesy: The Waist High Collection