Happy 2nd Birthday Waist High.

Hello folks that probably have too much time on their hands, therefore resort to reading my mother's blog, reminiscing on nostalgia that is long gone. This is the Lovely Teenaged Daughter reporting to you live from Waist High's cave.

This week marks 2 years that my mother has written about a barrage of pointless eighties facts. The bigger issue that we face is not the fact that my mom has devoted two years to documenting big haired has beens but how does she continually find new things to write about the past? Day in and day out, she never ceases to write a post about things that have no bearing on this day and age in 2006.

You have to give this lady some credit, not only does she spend way too much time posting about things that happened 20 years ago, she still listens to the same horrific music she did when she actually was 18. Looking through her Windows Media Player I find an assortment of crap. The woman is hungry like the wolf for eighties memorabilia. The woman is sedated in the eighties. She's more eighties than Molly Ringwald. Is that possible?

All kidding aside, where would you be without knowing which washed up has been's birthday it is today? How would you live without her pictures of Depeche Mode circa 1984? This world would be a scary place without Waist High's devotion for the nostalgia. Is it weird that my mother's current obsession is her 20 year reunion? Most people don't even want to think about the idea that they graduated 20 years ago. Two decades.

As long as my mom is still listening to A Flock of Seagulls and taking pictures of the West High football field, she will be writing in this blog. Happy two years MOM. Don't forget that your Lovely Teenaged Daughter is graduating this year, so you might have to save a little bit of your film to take pictures of MY SCHOOL and post them on your blog.

Photo courtesy: The Waist High Collection