For My Viking Readers.

While the information is still sketchy, preliminary reports coming across the Waist High news desk indicate that the Bakersfield High School Class of 1986 is having their 20 year reunion the same night as the West High School Class of 1986. Digest that my friends.

If this infomation is true, should we go ahead and apologize to the Bakersfield Police Department now??

This information coming on the heels of a conversation Waist High had last evening with her Special Correspondent "Tri-Tip," in which a discussion was had about what we will likely encounter at our reunion. And from which Waist High would like to present her QUOTE OF THE WEEK:

"Tri-Tip": "There will be two factions. There will be the 'naysayers,' those types. Who will be hoisting their Schweppes and leaving early. And then on the other side of the room you will have all the 'evildoers.' People of that ilk. You know, like you and I."