THE ALARM'S new album Under Attack will be released on February 20th. The new single "Superchannel" is scheduled for release on Monday February 6th.

(thealarm.com) I have listened to the album anew and have been shocked by the prescient nature of the lyrical and musical content. This is the first album in a long time where I allowed the content to be driven by the force of the band. I had no lyrics to begin with, only music, and allowed the lyrical content to form during the rehearsal sessions with the band.

I then spent hours transcribing recordings of the songs to find the lyrical direction that my endeavours were taking me. My body must have known what I did not. The doctors have said to me that I may have been carrying my cancer for the last twelve months at least. Now I know why my instinct lead me to title the album Under Attack. Now I know why the lyrics for "Without A Fight" mean so much more than they did a few weeks ago. Now I know why it is difficult for me to listen to "This Is The Way We Are." Now I know why I feel calm when I hear "It's Alright/It's O.K." Now I know why I feel Under Attack is the best album I have ever recorded.

When Under Attack comes out, I'm sure it will touch you all as emotionally and as hard as it has hit me. I can't wait to be with you all at The Gathering and perform again with James Stevenson, Craig Adams and Steve Grantley who, like you, have all been dear and true friends to me throughout this difficult time in my life. It has often been said that The Alarm was a band built on friendship; it has never been more true than it is today.

I look forward to sharing good times with you all in 2006.

Love and life,

Mike Peters

Material courtesy: remembertheeighties.com
Photo of The Alarm at
UCLA in 1986 courtesy: Amy Langfield via The Waist High Collection