Thank You Annie. Thank You Dave.

Waist High would like to thank Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart for the following:

1. The new CD
Ultimate Collection. I have always loved your music.
2. "Was It Just Another Love Affair," one of the new songs. I knew I was going to like it long before I heard it. Simply because of the title.
3. Being a sort of soundtrack to my current love affair. You have often been playing in the actual background. And when you are not, you are playing in my head.
4. Writing songs that speak of those things that really do happen in, and out of love.
5. Pardoning me when I say that I wish you would have included "Don't Ask Me Why" on Ultimate Collection.
6. Your VH-1 Storytellers performance. Which I listen to alot. And no, I did not pirate it.
7. The song "The Miracle of Love." And for including it.
8. Lyrics that are as relevant today as they were 20+years ago.