Proof That Waist High Is Indeed Crazy.

6. (from Waist High 7/15/05): "If you thought that the owner of the largest collection of West High School photographs in the world would be invited to be on the West High School Class of 1986 reunion committee, who is meeting for the first time Aug. 7, you would be wrong. If you happen to think that the creator of a website NAMED AFTER WEST HIGH SCHOOL would be invited to be on the West High School Class of 1986 reunion committee, you would also be wrong."

5. Waist High the website is the exact same color as West High the school.
Check it out here.

4. Waist High's #1 irritant Bake Town suggesting that I am crazy (Bake Town is irritating, but smart): (From Bake Town 10/24/05): PROOF THAT WAIST HIGH IS CRAZY

Waist High has finally provided me with the irrefutable proof that she is certifiably insane and in serious need of heavy medication and strenuous therapy. Really people, I think we need to stage an intervention. This is an excerpt from a recent email sent to me from Waist High.

"I didn't tell you yesterday but as we were talking on the phone, I had 3 West High yearbooks in my purse." 3 WEST HIGH YEARBOOKS IN HER FRIGGIN PURSE!

Scary, huh? This woman is SO obsessed with her former high school she CARRIES HER YEARBOOKS AROUND WITH HER! Seriously, she needs to be studied.

3. Oh, and the matter of a full time reader wondering if I wanted him to go break some kneecaps while he was in the Southern California area on business (and me actually wondering if 4 hours would be too far for him to drive)

To: waisthigh@_________.com
From: ---------@___________.com

Will I be close to the original West High School and those ladies on the committee? You know, I know people who "take care of things." Or, I could always just ding dong ditch them. Let me know.

2. Look at my tag line.

1. After being
Shunned From The Aforementioned Reunion Committee, I continue to work on the West High School Class of 1986 website, spending 25+ hours just this last week alone.

Might I present to you, my labour of love, the
West High School Class of 1986.