"I've Never Had A Dog This Much In Love With Me."

Waist High would like to say thank you to full time reader Anita who captured this photograph of Jed, the young man who started a blog devoted exclusively to HOW MUCH HE HATES WAIST HIGH, and who recently had this to say:

"Chrissy Fessler, the cheap broad who grunts and blogs under the name of Waist High. Even denouncing such harpie-like vermin is beneath (insert the name of his lame blog here) time, but suffice it to say, the bitch thinks there's something really profound in 80's pop music ala Duran Duran, and apart from that, she seems to write about her attempts to quit smoking or finding some suitable dirtbag to copulate with."

Thanks Anita, I've been wondering what he looks like!

Photo of Sam, recently voted "The Ugliest Dog In The World" courtesy of: latimes.com