I Guess You've Got To Be Smarter Than What You Are Working With...

Waist High would like to give a hearty welcome to new FULL TIME READER Jed!

You see, Jed is a full time reader and didn't even know it. Let me explain...

JED is a (content removed by author). Generally, he seems to have made a hobby out of commenting at Waist High. But what he has not considered is that to be so active on my site, to come to the site sometimes SEVERAL TIMES A DAY means, that in Blogger parlance, he is a FULL TIME READER!

Welcome Jed! Oh crap, I almost forgot. Feel free to e-mail Jed at (e-mail address removed by author).

He is smart, but not really. Let me explain. The (content removed by author). Here is what this (content removed by author).