Waist High Is Currently Enjoying...

1. Being recognized by Google for what I really am. May you burn in Hell "Rampart" for referring to me as "Advanced Maternity Age."

2. The all new, redesigned
Geek In The City, where Waist High made the cut for "Dork Tested, Geek Approved Blogs." Quite an honor! We continue to love the Geek and everything he has done for all the displaced and heartbroken Rick Emerson listeners far and wide.

3. Being included in
this prestigious bunch.

4. Living without her beloved
alarm clock. Two reasons. 1. A very kind person has taken pity on me and calls to wake me up for work. It's like a personal wake up service AND I LOVE IT! Annoying "BEEP BEEP BEEP" sound? Not anymore! 2. Although living without an alarm clock has been a strain on the entire family, I might now be able to say with absolute certainty that I am the WORST MOTHER EVER. Quite an honor too!
You decide...

Who: Waist High to Lovely Teenaged Daughter
When: This morning, as LTD needed to get up for school
Where: Yelled loudly from the bedroom of Waist High to the Bedroom of LTD
What: "Get up Dummy!"