I Hope The Door Did Hit Her On The Way Out!

Tonight, Waist High begins a one week long celebration of one of the most exciting events to happen in a long time.

For the next 7 days, Waist High will be rejoicing the liberation of her long time friend and Special Correspondent "Tri-Tip" from the bonds of his decade long imprisonment. "Tri-Tip" disavowed himself of The Kern County Drunkard this weekend (for a KCD biography, see sidebar) and Waist High could not be prouder. It was something that was long overdue, not real easy, but absolutely necessary.

She got kicked to the curb and he is finally free.

To share the joy with you, my readers, for the next 7 days Waist High will be posting ONLY about drunkenness. Which means that brand new readers to this site will be treated to some of the archived tales of The Kern County Drunkard, the individual upon which "Waist High" was founded.