Word Of The Day: Epigone.

Discussions of haunted places with a full time Waist High reader led the full time reader to the discovery of several "Haunted Bakersfield" sites. The discussions also led the full time Waist High reader to discover a clever, funny, and way-ahead-of-it's-time 5/21/04 Waist High post from a time when Waist High epigone Bake Town was still in diapers:

While You're At It Why Don't You Just Knock Over The Nursing Home Down The Street Or Go Piss On The Father Garces Statue?

Trout's Bar, one of Bakersfield's country music landmarks, was robbed Thursday morning. 3 men robbed the North Chester Avenue establishment armed with a knife.

(bakersfield.com) During the robbery, one of the customers at the bar tried to intervene and was hit with a bar stool by the other two suspects, said Vern Hoover, manager of the bar and president of the company that owns Trout's.

Trout's, on North Chester Avenue, was opened in 1945 by Ralph Trout, Hoover said. The bar has been a mainstay of the honky-tonk music scene and is "one of the great country dancing bars in Bakersfield," said Mary Duckett, the manager of the nearby Longbranch bar.

One of the reasons I love Bakersfield is because the robbery took place at 6:30 a.m. and there were already customers inside.

Pampers or Huggies Bake Town?

Photo courtesy: carpenoctem.tv