Anyone Want To Adopt A 16 Year Old?

The last 24 hours have been very rough around the Waist High household. Waist High's Lovely Teenaged Daughter let Waist High down in a way she has never let Waist High down before. Waist High might even have to ask Lovely Teenaged Daughter to move out of the house. It is THAT BAD!

Never before has she upset her mother this much.

It is still hard to talk about, but Waist High feels a duty to share the sad news with her readers. The pain is still too great, but...

Who: Lovely Teenaged Daughter
When: Yesterday afternoon
Where: Waist High's Ford Taurus
What: Asked Waist High, "Did Bake Town really win an iPod?" (Insert sound of screeching brakes...)

My only child. The child I thought was perfect, the child I thought had some sense about her is A FULL TIME READER OF BAKE TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If anyone needs to reach me I will be at Meridian Park Hospital.