"The Motel 6 In Modesto..."

What started out as a conversation between: A 26 year old native Oregonian, a 34 year old former Modestoan, and a foul mouthed 36 year old former Bakersfieldian with a website about "Worst Motel Experiences Ever" ended by not only confirming Baketown's assertion that YES: "only people from Bako are allowed to say anything bad about Bako," but that there can be some cross city ripping. Ripping across Central California county lines if you will.

During this debate, The Native Oregonian was completely confused and disgusted as The Modestoan and The Bakersfieldian announced rule after rule of "The Ripping Policy."

Waist High did not get involved when The Modestoan tried to tell The Oregonian about Hofbraus and Basque food. Both of which The Oregonian had never ever heard of.

During this conversation last night, deep in an Oregon forest, it became evident that Modesto is in fact the armpit of California. Waist High fought hard for Bakersfield, and it seemed that it was going to win until The Modestoan said two words: "Scott Peterson."

Photo: The Waist High Collection