Outback Steakhouse. Family Eatery Or "High Risk" Location?

Waist High (a 20 year smoker) is now 11 days smoke free.

Helping her through the process is The Complete Idiot's Guide To Quitting Smoking. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering quitting smoking, as it guides you through each and every feeling and stage of the process. The trick to the book however, is that you actually have to do what it tells you to do.

One of the author's suggestions I shall quote here: "We highly recommend avoidance of high-risk situations for the first week or two. Examples include bars, parties, breaks at work, and basically anything else that involves other smokers and or alcohol."

So the VERY HIGH RISK scenario Wednesday night can be summed up in 11 words: (chain smoking coworkers outback steakhouse alcohol greasy meal long drive home)

Waist High didn't smoke, but she did not listen to the professionals. When they say avoid HIGH RISK SITUATIONS FOR THE FIRST WEEK OR TWO.

Would you believe that there are still
"Schick Centers."

"At Schick, in just five days you lose the nicotine craving that drives you to smoke thousands of life-threatening cigarettes each year. Out of 100 people going through the program to stop smoking, 93 will stop within five days."