Merry Christmas From The Golden Empire.

The staff of Waist High is having quite a ball here in Bakersfield. However, this thing that you Californians pay called sales tax is killing us.

Of all the action in the only 36 hours we have been here, pulling up right next to
Mr. Tibb's Ribs' smoker in the parking lot of Vons on New Stine Road just to get a whiff, has been the most pleasurable.

Oh, and if you are the person who let us know last night that not only have you been to this site, but that you are one of it's "regular readers," just know that while trying to fall asleep, we were mentally scanning all of our 404 posts thinking, "OH MY GOD SHE READ ABOUT THAT!" and "OH MY GOD SHE HAS READ THAT ONE!" and "HOLY SHIT SHE KNOWS ABOUT THAT TOO!"

As we sit here in Bake Town, we were reading some of the comments at
Bake Town, the site devoted entirely to "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Hottest Place To Be."