I Actually Forgot She Was Going To Be "At Yanni."

In the last 48 hours, the following were either said by/to or in the presence of Waist High:

1. "I wish I could remember what I was going to bring for you. Do you remember? Did I tell you I was going to bring my bag of hair?"
2. "I'll make dinner for us tomorrow night. Do you like deer meat? How does deer meat stir fry sound?"
3. "I'm so fucking important. Second in importance only to the Bishop."
4. (Saying this from her home in a very exotic location) "You gotta hurry up and come visit me before I get a divorce and move back to Oregon."
5. "It's called 'Dog In The Bathtub' cause it's like trying to keep a dog in the bathtub."
6. "I think it was probably the tear gas. He got nervous about me wanting to carry tear gas around work on a keychain."
7. "I'm not really going to 'rehab' per se, I just like to call it that."
8. "I'm returning your call. I don't know why you called though, you knew I was at Yanni!!"