You Know You Have Lived In Oregon Too Long When...

It is hard to comprehend how only .24 inches of rain can cause such DEATH. Such DESTRUCTION. SUCH ANARCHY? 

KILLER STORM PUMMELS STATE "The rainfall set a record for the date on Wednesday with 0.24 inches between midnight and midnight. The storm, which spread over a couple of days, dumped a total of 0.58 inches on Bakersfield. Tehachapi got about 0.64 inches of rain, but Inyokern saw only about 0.15 inches." (bakersfield.com) 

"The slick roads did cause an increase in accidents locally. In the first few hours of rain, there were five times more accidents than normal. Overall, there were about 66 accidents in Kern County while it was raining." (bakersfield.com) 

Full KILLER STORM NEWS right here. 

Photo: Garces v. Tehachapi 2002 via angelfire.com/sd/thswarriors/garces2002