Sad News From A Bakersfield Bathroom.

We have some very disappointing news regarding a former feature here at Waist High (The Kern County Drunkard Watch is a former feature here at Waist High that surrounded the significant other of one of Waist High's most cherished friends.)

The KCD is a very foul female that could be found trolling some of Bakersfield's finer drinking establishments on any given night or day of the week. Her drunken activities and sayings provided quite an endless source of material here at Waist High, so it was with much sorrow that Waist High heard of her decision to go "on the wagon" just a short time ago.

Waist High's very favorite drunk slur of The KCD's (which was directed AT WAIST HIGH) was, "I'll kill her!" (Since she is currently off the sauce, The "Kern County Drunkard Watch" is on temporary hiatus).

WH: "Is she still off the sauce?"
Individual Who Would Know: "Yes."
WH: "Not even a drop?"
Individual Who Would Know: "Not even a drop!"
WH: "What is that echo? Jesus Christ! Are you calling me from the John?"