In-N-Out. How I Miss You So.

In case you did not know, the best items at IN-N-OUT are NOT on the menu. At in-n-out.com you can view their "secret menu."

According to Fast Food Nation, "70% of fast food visits are impulsive." True. But Waist High makes plans months ahead for her next trip to IN-N-OUT.

From Fast Food Nation, Waist High learned that IN-N-OUT ranked number one in a recent Restaurants and Institutions ranking of the nation's best hamburger chains. "In-N-Out ranked first in food quality, value, service, atmosphere, and cleanliness."

IN-N-OUT also "pays the highest wages in the food industry," and these wages have not "led to higher prices." As of the publishing of Fast Food Nation in 2002, the priciest item on the IN-N-OUT menu was $2.45. Top secret, delicious, and cheap.

The first IN-N-OUT was opened on the highway between Palm Springs and Los Angeles and was at the time, the "first drive through hamburger stand" in the U.S.